Wednesday, 3.11.2021       19:30-22:00

As an opening, four groups invite you to a colorful evening in which the dialogue is central: between children and artists, between intimacy and untouchability and between myself and the other. People between the ages of 8 and 67 dance, sometimes with live music, in groups from Neuchâtel/Jura, Zurich, Fribourg and Basel. 

Every evening, different people accompany the audience from one piece to the next and form a bridge between stage and auditorium. Today: Hanspeter Blatter, dancing senior with manntanzt and Tanztheater Dritter Frühling


(La) Rue Serendip, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Dancers : Abygaël, Constance, Dayan, Elliot, Elora, (Eloy), Eve, Jade, Léo, Lindsay, Louna, Lucas, Malo, Marion, Samuel, Théo, Tibau, Victoria

Choreography : Tristan Bénon & Prunelle Bry
Teacher : Olivier Bedogni
Painter : Liuba Kirova
Accompanist : Geneviève Bénon


20 min

Photocredit: Christian Glaus

This improvisation-based art project aims to take the idea of collaboration with children one step further. Olivier Bedogni invited three professional artists from choreography and visual arts to a new collaboration between children and adults, to dive together into the same process of dialogue and creation.
The theme chosen for this creation was: listening to oneself, listening to the other. Listening to oneself in order to work with the children on their deepest longings, on what they have to express and share with us. Listening to the other in an effort to work on acceptance and respect for each other's differences.

The group consists of 17 students from a 3rd-4th Harmos class at Le Noirmont (JU) school. The children were co-creators. The professional artists were the catalysts, supporting and guiding the children throughout the process to develop their creativity and bring their ideas to life.


The group gratefully acknowledges co-production and/or support: L’école primaire du Noirmont, Evidanse (co-production), L’espace culturel du Soleil, La commune du Noirmont, Office de la Culture de la République et Canton du Jura, Fondation O2, FARB.


unneArts, Zürich

Photocredit: Christian Glaus

Dancers : Elin Brandsberg, Anja Schmid, Yma Vagner, Celina Wiesmann


Choreography : Priska Habegger


15 min

In „Nonverbal Irritations" the focus was on the hands. ...what kind of images/picture compositions are created when the gestures are strongly „moving/moving"? ...when hands are hidden - signalling this untouchability? ...when touching is perceived as encroaching? ...faces show hardness but hands can allow honest intimacy? - can this lead to irritation?
Touching creates images and should invite the viewer to come closer, even if this means that one's own vulnerability becomes more vulnerable. Three-dimensional, moving images are created in space - filterless "things" - mind maps - morphological family trees.

unneArts from the perspective of group member Yma: „We are unneArts. An ensemble of life experts who have chosen Priska Habegger as their artistic director. Our focus is on cooperation at eye level, with personalities instead of persons and the focus on individual expression. We think in terms of images and image compositions rather than in terms of action or form. Priska gives us the framework for this, a safe space in which impulses are moved, changed, touched and passed on individually and together. Our work is created through exchange - the relationship - the touch - the interaction with each other. We work in an interdisciplinary way, let ourselves be inspired by different art movements and remain curious. The questions „What is dance? What is art? How do the two connect?" accompany us in the process. Our touches create images, they invite you to linger, to come closer, to touch and be touched - both as a life expert and as a viewer. Our touches are direct and honest and may also irritate. We want to create intimacy, invite vulnerability and interact with our fellow human beings through honest touch."

Priska Habegger, UnneArts


Mastazz Dance & Co, Fribourg

Photocredit: Christian Glaus

Dancers : Amandine Piller, Anina Gardaz, Bryan Corella, Corinne Mazitu, Emilie Rossier, Emilie Zaza, Gabriel Meylan, Justine Dubail, Louisa Schouwey, Maéva Ditra, Marine Laner, Noémie Küng, Pathy Gaspoz


Composer : Adrien Rako

Choregraphy : Anaïs Kauer


20 min

Looking for an other in oneself, or another self. Self in others? Either me or you.
Is this fragment yours? Or is it mine, I don't know.
It's a storm of fragments, you can't find your way around.

The piece MOSAÏQUES brings together 11 dancers from the association Mastazz Dance&Co. Since November 2008, Mastazz Dance&Co has been working to create opportunities for encounters and exchanges on the urban and contemporary scene to promote healthy and respectful values towards culture, others and oneself. The participants in the project have voluntarily proposed themselves following a call for projects launched by the company.


The group gratefully acknowledges co-production and/or support: Subvention extraordinaire de la Ville de Fribourg, En attente de la Lotterie Romande et d’une coproduction de C-ré-Action


Tanzensemble UPK, Basel

Photocredit : Andreas Hagenbach

Dancers : Anouk F., Anouk W., Bryan, Dietmar, Donath, Doris, Jasmin, Luzius, Madelon, Marianne, Meret, NN


Choreography : Rebecca Weingartner

Dramaturgy : Luzius Heydrich

Co-direction UPK : Meret Guttmann

Live-Music : Donath Weyeneth


45 min

Choreographer Rebecca Weingartner offered a weekly dance training session for patients, relatives and staff at the University Psychiatric Clinics in Basel. The result is a dance piece of great diversity, in which the participants with the most diverse backgrounds and different ages liquefy their identities and invent new ones. In the play between chaos and order, finding and losing oneself, asserting oneself and fitting in, the field of tension between the individual and the other, the many in us and the many who are with us becomes visible. 

The UPK dance ensemble consists of former and current patients and staff of the University Psychiatric Clinics Basel aged between 21 and 67 and the musician Donath Weyeneth.


Rebecca Weingartner, UPK Basel


WIR SIND VIELE is a cooperation between UPK Basel and Wildwuchs Unterwegs. With the kind support of the Department of Culture Basel.