Thursday, 4.11.2021       19:30-22:00

Who was I, who do I still want to be and what is my place in society?  

Older and younger women - and two men - grapple with their identity and their different roles and phases in life. One group explores the life and work of a German dancer and resistance fighter another indulges in the searching and amazement of improvisation. Partly with live music and with people between 7 and over 70 years of age. Theyr groups come from Biel/Zürich, Basel, Bern. 

Every evening, different people accompany the audience from one piece to the next and form a bridge between stage and auditorium. Today: Corina Arbenz, deaf alllrounder in sign language (with translator)


Caccivio en Compagnie, Biel-Bienne

Photocredit : Christian Glaus

Dancers : Paulette Guggerli, Brigitte Wachter, Sonja Wenger 


Choreography & Dramaturgy & Sound & Lights :

Nicole Berndt-Caccivio 


20 min


As a silent observer, as a choreographer, I sensed from each protagonist what was on their mind NOW - in the time after/before Corona; what topics they would like to research and investigate together with me. Questions arose: „How did you perceive yourself 40 years ago ...and how now?" As well as: „What else would you like to be like? - What would you like to have tried?" PRO AGING! Seeing ageing as a resource and not a deficit!
Similar to pubescent teens, ageing and old people perceive their body/appearance as in a metamorphosis that cannot be manipulated. 3 Solos = 1 Trio marks a certain moment on this path that ends with death, saying goodbye to the here and now in order to be able to enter a new dimension.

Caccivio en Compagnie seeks generation-connecting themes and was created during Pandemic 2020. In my hometown Biel-Bienne, I am looking for a connection to Switzerland again after many years (I also live in Berlin and work internationally) and decided to bring a project to life with a focus on : intergenerational and bringing together professional and non-professional artists. To be continued!


facebook: Caccivio en Compagnie


The group gratefully acknowledges co-production and/or support: Biel – Bienne Kultur/Culture


ECHT JETZT! Ensemble Improvisation, Basel

Photocredit: Christian Glaus

Dancers : Karin Christen, Susanne Egger, Clemens Fellmann, Szabina Gäumann, Sandra Rau, Carola Zierbeck 


Choreography : Simon Wenger 


20 min



„at once" is an improvisation piece for six solos that take place at the same time in the same place. The aesthetic point of reference is the poetology of „unspecific accuracy" formulated by Hilde Domin with regard to poetry. Through the montage of six simultaneous solos, image fragments and cross-connections are created that the bodies can neither guess at nor share. „at once" is an associative collage. Tiny excerpts of a huge whole.    

ECHT JETZT! is a Basel dance ensemble dedicated to improvisation. ECHT JETZT! turns on its own axis. ECHT JETZT! jumps over the edge, unerringly and dreamily. Because we wonder. Because it's not worth waiting.



Junges Ensemble hermesdance, Bern

Photocredit : Jan Holler

Dancers : Anna Bellorini, Lia Brcic, Meret Eymann, Lia Füllemann, Philine Holler, Valentina Loertscher, Isabelle Mösch, Célestine Quartier, Morgan Roux, Lina Lou Sansano, Hannah Steinfels, Lina Suter, Rosanna Wachter, Milan Wälti, Julia Wechsler, Sarah Wechsler, Lena Witschi 


Choreography : Karin Hermes

Lightdesign : Daniel Tschanz

Project management : Julia Wechsler 


25 min

„Oda and the Bread Cat" is a dance theatre about the work of Oda Schottmüller, born in 1905 in Germany. She was a dancer, sculptor and resistance fighter, always searching for the meaning of life. The Gestapo had accused Oda Schottmüller of making her studio available for radio experiments. Although this accusation could not be proven, she was sentenced to death and beheaded on 5 August 1943, the seventh of 16 opponents of the regime. Karin Hermes deals with Oda Schottmüller from today's perspective with the young dancers. 

The Young Ensemble hermesdance dances from 'contemporary' to 'site spécifique', with intensity, strong presence and outstanding musicality. Karin Hermes founded the Young Ensemble in 2014 and has since choreographed a production every year. The Junge Ensemble also works with other choreographers, e.g. Tim Rubidge (UK), Tiziana Arnaboldi, Marco Volta, Joana Hermes and Lea Bernath.


The group gratefully acknowledges co-production and/or support: Verein Junges Tanztheater Bern, Crowd funding 2020, Burgergemeinde Bern, Kultur des Kantons Bern.


Neoli, Bern

Photocredit : Nicole Pfister

Dancers : Andrea Schenk, Ava Hidalgo, Barbara Zingre, Caroline Hug, Chiara Lötscher, Elena van der Weg, Ella Engel, Elsa van der Weg, Emilie Graf, Emma van der Weg, Julia Im Obersteg, Lena Santschi, Lorena Müller, Luise Krause, Luise Teichert, Marianne Kläy, Noya Grau, Samea Matter, Simone Graf, Sofie Schuwerk, Yvonne Mattmann 


Production management : Nora Werren & Meret Wasser
Choreography, Concept : Nora Werren
Dramaturgy, concept : Meret Wasser
Music : Ramon Oliveras (dr), Andrina Bollinger (voc)
Rehearsal assistance : Meret Wasser
Light : Daniel Tschanz


50 min


In the dance piece „mitéra dyo", the being of women in different phases of life unfolds from the wholeness of Mother Earth. Inspiration for the development of the movement language was the diversity of femininity and its enormous power as woman, mother, daughter and sister. Important qualities such as holistic experience, connectedness and deep contact with oneself are expressed. Dance and music merge into ritual sequences that come to a head in circles and end in a climax. The dance piece mitéra dyo shows and celebrates the uniqueness of women. 

The intergenerational dance ritual mitéra dyo is danced by 21 women aged 7 to 74.