Friday, 5.11.2021       19:30-22:00

Today's program brings together young people and older people who are fully committed to life. They dance ageless themes in human biographies: enduring pressure and stress, capturing precious moments, letting go and disappearing. Very different bodies can be experienced on stage - in impressive and poetic images. With groups from Chur, Bern, Geneva and Zurich.

Every evening, different people accompany the audience from one piece to the next and form a bridge between stage and auditorium. Today: Tina Mantel with the group manntanzt


Federica Normanno, Chur

Photocredit: Christian Glaus

Dancer : Rocco Primoceri


Choreography : Federica Normanno

Audio/Music : Davide Normanno

Text : Rocco Primoceri


7 min




In this production, the theme is „pressure". In daily life, people are often under pressure and have the feeling that they are not good enough. In addition, there is a constant comparison with others, which often leads to a fading out or forgetting of one's own strengths. Pressure flows from one person to another and back again, it has its own cycles. Through powerful movements and movement language, many possibilities open up to represent the driving „flow of pressure" in different ways. 

The piece was created by Federica Normanno (choreography) and co-created by Rocco Primoceri (acting). This is the second joint project of an unconventional duo combining different disciplines such as acting and dance.


The group gratefully acknowledges the support by: Verein Chur tanzt & Tanzschule Balleo Chur


Junges Tanztheater akar, Bern, in co-operation with          Tanzplatz Vorbern

Photocredit : ImObjektiv -Markus Zurbuchen

Dancers : Yma Abplanalp, Mia Althof, Jeanne Arber, Elin Eggenberger, Ella Engel, Sofia Fischer, Ellen Herzam, Hannah Kühni, Caroline Mäder, Malaika Messerli, Zofia Misiak, Lina Stäheli, Ida Speakman, Lee Speakman, Gia Luna Weber


Choreography : Britta Gärtner und Regula Mahler

Video supervision and postproduction : Klaus Ehret
Camera : Dancers, Klaus Ehret


30 min

One look, one blink and there it is: the moment.
We wish for moments that enchant us, make us laugh, make us happy. Moments are treasures of life; fleeting moments in the here and now.
We capture them in pictures. We colour, zoom, rotate them and want to share them with others. Posted, we hope for many likes; for a confirmation of our performance in the social network. Moments in which something drastic happens make us sit up and take notice. We never forget the moment when we experience them.

The young people learn to put an artistic statement into a form and experience how live music, spatial design and costumes reinforce the statement. From playful exploration to conscious creation, the young people are guided by experienced dance teachers.



The group gratefully acknowledges support: by Swisslos Kultur Kanton Bern, Kinder- und Jugendkultur Stadt Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern, Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern, Zunftgesellschaft zu Schmieden, Gaffuri Druck und Werbetechnik, Tojo Theater Reithalle. akar Förderverein und Tanzplatz Vorbern Förderverein


CAROLINE DE CORNIÈRE / Compagnie C2C, Genf-Genève

Photocredit : Elisa Murcia Artengo

Dancers : Caroline de Cornière, Rosangela Gramoni


Concept and choregraphy : Caroline de Cornière

Music : Fernando de Miguel

Costumes : Aline Courvoisier


20 min

In resonance with the journal Traces de vie by Alice Rivaz, Caroline de Cornière gathers impressions to cross with tenderness and delicacy the traces of life that the body carries and that impregnate the gestures. In a duet with a poetic dimension, she continues to explore themes that are dear to her: the work of time on the body, the place of everyday life in choreography and the link between generations.
Between the two shoulders, where the breath is born, where the emotions dictate their rhythm to the heart. From there, how can we transform the fears, fragility and stigma of old age into joyful and gentle lucidity? How to share the impetus of the body and the youthfulness of the eyes, the desire to dance?

Two middle-aged women, 49 and 77 - a generation apart - two women's bodies working together to weave a gestural link that brings them together and tells their story. 


The group gratefully acknowledges support by: Théâtre du Galpon, Atelier Résidence H107


Tanztheater Dritter Frühling, Zürich

Photocredit : Maria Cheilopoulou

Dancers : Hanspeter Blatter, Victor Burtscher, Elettra Curetti Schärer, Agatha Gachnang, Angelika Hausammann, Maria Hauswirth, Barbara Hörler, Ursula Sauser, Monika Schär, Helga Starcevic, Luce Tardent  


Choreography/Direction : Bettina Holzhausen und Katrin Oettli

Video : Katrin Oettli

Music : Simon Grab

Costumes : Natalie Péclard


40 min

Letzte Dinge  -  Last Things  -  is about the serious and sad sides of getting older: saying goodbye to people and things, dealing with loss and uselessness, memories and loneliness. It seems obvious that getting older and dying belong together, but making a play about it is basically a radical decision and takes everyone involved to personal limits. Together with the dancers, choreographers Bettina Holzhausen and Katrin Oettli have created impressive images about disappearing and letting go, spiced with a pinch of mischief and black humour.  

Tanztheater Dritter Frühling has been staging dance and theatre projects with older people since 1997. Whether for stage projects, workshops or other projects, the senior citizens of Dritter Frühling always work together with professional artists.